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The Prominence Dance Crew

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The revolutionary new school dance crew, “The prominence” is coming to you bigger, hotter with more to anticipate. 

If you are wondering who we are then let me give you a little insight 

We are the crew with one expression, difference messages, burning passion that makes you scream whoaaaa!

Let me take you down the memory lane a bit

Three strangers with many goals, brought together by an expression which is “Dance” 🕺🕺

The aim of this group is:

To give awareness to people the importance of dance, to make dancers get the recognition they deserve and most specially to create a platform for other dancers

Arent thet just amazing??

They came together and they began passing the message and on november 8 2019 at dancers asylum the house hold name the prominece was born 🤩🤩🤩

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They are not just about dancing but about passing a message

So watch out cause we are bringing the house down, we will shake every stage to it’s foundation 

You have to feel the heat 🥵🥵🥵

Dominanting the ancient University of Ibadan, We have set legacies no other crew could, and still hoping for more. Without ado, you can reach us via the contacts below for enquires, we always ready to listen to you🤗.

Tony- 08085066159

Okiki- 09061939788

Tobi- 07053823898

Or check out for us and more on Instagram via


@ A.n.t.h.o.n.y_d.a.n.c.e 


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