Xxxtentaction ft Juice WRLD – No Pulse

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Xxxtentaction ft juice Wurld

Wallpaper Xxxtentaction ft juice Wurld - No Pulse

Its Epic, the tragedy of the late iconic American Hip hop artists “Xxxtentaction and Juice WRLD”, they already said the prophecy like they saw it coming. It gets more tragic when they say these things but no one could relate until they left.

Here is a collaboration between the late artists that got our heads spinning at the content, the title, the lyrics, the words, the predictions that no one could grasp until their demise, the song “No Pulse”.

Here are some quotable lyrics to the song:

I just saw God, I just saw God
Outside the liquor store he told me I was lost
Lost, lost, lost, lost
Where were you again?
Somewhere with a friend
While I was in my head
I’m lost again, again
She turned around and said that I was like the rest
That I do not understand what it’s like, it hurts her
Maybe I need to disappear forever.

Download and listen to Xxxtentaction “No Pulse” ft Juice WRLD below & Share!

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