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Just few weeks after its release, the album “THERMO” has totally engulfed our undying interest over its groove here at Plays. The new incredible piece of art by the prolific independent singer/songwriter – Teddy Atkins otherwise known as JahblessTheo. This blend of Dancehall, Raggae and Hip-hop vibes surely cannot go unnoticed (this is a collection that should be on your playlist)

A groove – driven, hip – hop & dancehall songwriter and performing artist from Washington DC, JAHBLESSTHEO boasts candid big-ups alongside more reserved self-reflections in unique, off-beat demonstrations of self-expression. Often flirting with patois-laced lyrics as a nod to his Jamaican heritage, his jaunty raps and somber ambient chants detail a raw passion love and livity.

“I have been passionately creative since my little legs could hold my weight and keep a steady rhythm on the dance floor. Dance and non-verbal movement was my first and most comfortable form of communication and expression growing up as I was challenged to “find my voice” early on as a timid and shy youth. My father used to produce various reggae and dancehall shows and events in the late 80s/early 90s in Washington D.C. where I grew up, which exposed me to infectious dancehall “riddims” and unique dances like “The Bogle”, and “Skankin”. Thus reggae and dancehall music constantly reverberated through my home growing up and became the foundation of everything I produced going forward.”


The Album

THERMO demonstrates a vast range of emotions invigorated by THEO’s various run ins with love. From the fiery upbeat hip-shaker “Blingaling”, to the cool and melancholy record “A Boy Named Blessing”, THERMO concisely demonstrates an undeniable duality between the hot and cold temperature fluctuations of a man’s love and the volatile temperature swings of our society, community and planet. Swinging from dancehall and hip hop to r&b and afro-swing, THERMO is certain to dial in your ideal climate.

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