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Fans are the ones who make up a musician, they are the motivation to every music artist’s success!, they are your audience. It’s takes an effort to win fans over! But I takes more effort to stay connected to them, so as not to loose track on what they are demanding from you!.
This article covers different ways to win more fans over and stay connected to them!, hints given in this article are just to give you the clearer view of what you might need to do and not mandatory steps to win fans over!, it would be better if you put more passion in the production of your music.

The first thing you need to make sure you to do is to update your social media frequently!.
Which ever ways you are going to take to getting connected to your fans, the no1 step is to keep an update on your social media accounts, this will also serve as the fastest means of promotion for your music.
It is best to create a fan page if you wouldn’t want to make your private account public, You can easily do this on facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Upload pictures of you new locations, studio sessions and videos of your stage performances.

Do give aways, while investing in your music career might cost some money, you should also consider giving out to fans as well, this is one of the easiest means to appreciate their efforts in downloading your songs an attending your shows!. Give aways would make your fan base grow quickly with time!.

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Hangout more with people, when you are about to hit public locations like shows or interviews, announce them on the social media for those who would like to meet you!, take pictures and have fun. Hanging out with people will let you learn socialism, and this would inspire more people to attend your shows.

Make shoutouts to loyal fans, when you take pictures with fans, post them on your social media, make shoutouts to them and appreciate their support, Give these pictures hash tags like #Team_yourname. This could be overwhelming to them and with time making them your diehard fan!, it doesn’t cost you money.

Create a fanclub, after a lot of handwork doing the above listed hints, no doubts if your music is good enough you should have diehard fans by then. Diehard fans will always be ready to do anything for you if you engage in activities with them, they are the ones who attend your shows even if its midnight.
Ask them if they would like to assist you in building a fanclub, to keep in touch and give you a chance to appreciate your music lovers. There are many activities related to having a fanclub, you should be ready assist them as most of them are ready to assist you too. Keep in mind that your main goal is to get their feedbacks and ideas as this is the key to your success!.

Hope this few hints are helpful, feel free to comment your views on this.

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