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As an Artiste, it might get to a point where your music gets very hectic, too many calls, many interviews & meetings you have to attend, Lined up shows and studio sessions!, All these things can make you loose track if not being handled properly, as it wouldn’t give you enough time to convene your creativity to writing good songs anymore!. Moreover, to be successful in the competitive world of music, you need a good Artist manager as they’d handle things more professionally, they would be the one to take your calls, negotiate deals, and book appointments for you, giving you enough space to retain your energy for the next Studio session!.

This article will show you few ways to get the right person to manage the business aspect of your music career, but before you think about getting a manager, look critically at the stage which your music career is at, decide if you really need a manager or you could handle these little things yourself!.

To get a clearer picture of this, figure out the things you’ll want your manager to handle while you do your music. This would let you know of its really worth getting an Artiste manager for the moment, consider of you could handle this things a bit more till things get more elaborate.

Then, You might need to give notices to friends and families to check around you if you could get someone capable of taking this position. Assigning someone who is closer to you makes it more easy for you to ask for recommendations and track the personality of the new manager you are about to sign, so you could decide if He/She is trustworthy. In addition, it is better to employ someone closer to you, as they might taking into consideration tedious situations

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After getting a trustworthy personnel, make more research to see his/her previous job or achievements. If you cannot get someone around you for this task, Call up agencies, make a request on the kind of person and qualifications you need. Be completely sure you can handover the business aspect your music to him/her without being double minded.

One you are sure of this, Call him/her up and make a proposal, book an appointment with him/her. Set up an interview and present the reasons why you think he/she should work with you. Test his/her entrepreneurial skills, present your achievements and mention certain goals you wish to achieve together!. Ask him/her how to go about this. If you are satisfied with his/her response, then you can try to negotiate the price in which he/she is to be paid per month. Don’t get too overwhelmed with his/her personality by sign for the prices you cannot afford per month, if the prices are too high you might need to look for someone else or get back to him/her later.

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